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“When you talk about how you have touched and transformed lives, it gives the depth & attention your brand needs”

5 things to do when building your company website

Many of our customers have approached us, asking what we’ve done right with our own website, – how we are able to inspire businesses to get in touch with our team, initiate great conversations and bring rattling new opportunities to the table.

Most businesses I’ve had conversations with, have had trouble deciding between being “brand-centric” and “customer-centric”. For some, their website was meant to be an ‘extended identity of the brand’ and for some others it was meant to be ‘a touchpoint few minutes ahead of their customers’. Both approaches can be deeply influential, it’s all in how you make it happen.

Few things to factor in, if you are in the process of doing or re-doing your brand website:

1. Start with the soul, then the mind & body

Every brand has a vision & intent, have a slice of it reflect in everything on your website – be it content or actions. Don’t tell, but illustrate – how aligned you are, how aligned the team is with the overall brand vision while you create value through your offerings.

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2. Talk impact and not just numbers

When you talk about how you have touched and transformed lives, it gives the depth & attention your brand needs. Numbers show your capacity to deliver on the commitment, impact reinforces your intent to exist. Remember, people are impressed by numbers, influenced by impact.

3. Never write anything, that you don’t mean

People take your words seriously, be genuine and make sure everything you write reflects honesty, transparency and receptiveness as a company. Write with an intent to strike a conversation with a human being on the other side, not with an intent to get more traffic.

4. Be contemporary, not jarring

Choose the look and feel for your website that illustrates, you are open and engaging. Going extremely quirky or extremely serious might not tell your story in the most impactful way. Even when you are choosing a website theme, be sure it’s the right one to carry the power of your brand.

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5. Have a blog

Just like you, the brand has its ‘timeline’ too. Be open to share with the world about people, team, experiences, growth and the cultural ethos that is continuously evolving. Show being in business is about being valuable to others, in your own ways.

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