7 design philosophies from our creative team

7 design philosophies from our creative team

“My aim is to omit everything superfluous so that the essential is shown to the best possible advantage.” — Dieter Rams

At Codewave, we love reimagining new digital environments for thoughtful action, enabling brands connect with people at a more human level. We asked our creative team, on a few design philosophies they appreciate.

Here’re 7 of them, that shapes our approach to design.

1. Keep it Simple

“Make it feel obvious”, says Shilpa Kowshik

Simplicity in design is the hardest to achieve. Often simple is confused with boring, dull or unattractive. Simplicity lies in making sophistication seem obvious to engage with.

Keep it real.

2. Keep it Clear

“Signal action, don’t leave it for interpretation”, says Raghunandan

A designer doesn’t necessarily have to be an artist. Art is about interpretation, what one person perceives about a piece of art may differ from another. Design is about clearly communicating one particular usage of an element and not leaving it open for interpretation.

Keep it focused.

3. Keep it Conversational

“Avoid good bad polarization, keep it open & engaging”, says Mayank

There is no such thing as good or bad design. Anyone can design an interaction, keeping it open, interactive and engaging for people using it & convincing for people making it.

Keep it dynamic.

4. Keep it Reflective

“Design reflects the user’s current & desired state of mind”, says Nikhil

Design is not the designer, designers are not users and need not rely on the assumptions of what the user actually needs. If the user’s agenda isn’t fulfilled, no matter how neat & pixel-perfect the interface is — it wouldn’t work.

Keep it empathetic.

5. Keep it Human

“Reflect common-sense, wit & emotional honesty”, says Vidhya

In all the information hyperness around, common-sense is a breath of fresh air, shows openness for connection, evokes an interaction & eliminates needless drama/frills.

Keep it raw.

6. Keep it Subliminal

“Drive subconscious action, lower cognitive load”, says Vignesh

Can we design in a way user stops using their brain’s processing power in realtime? Usage can be at ease which takes less cognitive load or can be done sub-consciously.

Keep it easy.

7. Keep it Timeless

“Create form & function that can remain accessible”, says Shibin

Make sure the design remains relevant, accessible & usable over a long periods of time, considering future updates, fast changing needs affecting sustained engagement.

Keep it classic.

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