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Our authenticity anthem


magic happens, when you accept who you are.

when it’s okay not to be someone else.

when it’s enough to be you.

magic happens, when you’re at ease being real.

when you meet people in the eyes, feel them.

magic happens, when you face your feelings.

when you don’t deny shame or envy.

when you outgrow it.

magic happens, when you express how you feel.

when you don’t suppress the fire.

when you hit the dead-end & meet kindness.

magic happens, when you’re surrounded with real people.

when you have open conversations.

you change the world.

magic happens, when you feel you’ve got all you need.

when you know, all you need to do is rise.

all you need to do is awaken.

rise, awaken, lead.



Codewave is a design thinking led digital transformation company in India, specializing in design of value, new product development & digital innovation.

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