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Team Codewave makes it to Clutch Global Top 1000

codewave featured on the Clutch 1000 as a global leader in software development. Clutch is a B2B platform for discovering best tech partners

Codewave is proud to say we stepped it up this year and made sure our clients had state-of-the-art technology, despite the conditions. As always, we put people first and their success speaks for itself!

In an exciting way to wrap up the year, we’ve been featured on the Clutch 1000 as a global leader in software development. Clutch is a B2B platform that conducts unbiased market research. The Clutch 1000 is an annual awards system that praises the highest rated vendors on their platform! To top it all off, we were also featured on the Manifest, Clutch’s business data centered sister site, among their leading cross platform app development partners for the year!

This recognition was made possible by our clients who allowed us to be a part of their projects in the first place. They also shared their success when interviewed by the Clutch team. Take a look at some of their comments below:

In the first Sprint, they could produce 10 screens as required for our clients and ensured that the feedback was well received and corrected them in the next 3 days. Accelerated delivery and openness was detected during this engagement.

Sr. Manager IOT Programs, Electronic Connectivity Provider

The team works in a very friendly environment. They did the integration job very well, including Bluetooth and Cloud connectivity. They ensured the final results were working to the satisfaction of us and our client.

CEO, Croleon Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Their technical ability was very good, taking over a project and transitioning from that is always a challenge but they did a commendable job. Most importantly, we felt that there was a two-way exchange of ideas which helped us as first time founders.

Founder @ Amateur Sports Platform

It’s a true pleasure to be recognized for our work and we look forward to helping even more customers reach their software goals in 2021! If you’re unfamiliar with Codewave, drop us a line and we’ll walk you through our award-winning approach: +91 8971824910

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