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Codewave announced as a Top Flutter app development company for May 2020

Codewave announced as a top flutter app development company. Flutter has emerged as one of the most happening mobile app development tech.

Codewave has been featured in a recent press release about the competent Flutter app developers of May 2020 by This is one of our proudest moments to cherish throughout our successful journey in the industry, so far.

Top Flutter App Developers

At Codewave, we consider gaining intelligence and technical expertise through our commitments as a main source to win what we strive to achieve every single day. We started with the aim of bringing design thinking to India in 2013.

UI/UX designing has always been our strength along with technology innovation. Our team who always believe in innovation and trying out new trends, picked up new ways of doing mobile app development keeping it closer to the native experience through Flutter and React Native few years back.

Flutter has emerged as one of the most happening mobile app development framework in the developers’ world currently, and we are glad that our team of expert developers have had an opportunity to gear up for the what’s necessary and beneficial for our customers. The hard work has paid off and we are today counted amongst the most prominent global Flutter app development companies in the industry.

Our customers fall in love with the projects that we accomplish and this is the real remuneration that inspires us to go places in the continuously innovating technical world.

In this wonderful journey, we have had the good fortune of working with a diverse set of industries like healthcare, education, finance, banking, transportation, energy, retail and insurance.

When two energetic innovators from Chennai came to us with an idea to build Uber for two wheelers, we were excited. Working day and night, we finished the app from idea to launch within a record time of 5 months. We developed a state of the art route resolution algorithm working with the Vroom team. We did extensive testing of the app and roped in 200+ riders for the job. The app gained traction within a short time and was covered by reputed media outlets like “The Hindu”. Visit our case studies to know more such interesting success stories.

We have got a signature process for structured problem solving; do check out its video on our Codewave’s profile on

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. How do you ensure the scalability and performance of the Flutter app?

Follow best practices and use proven techniques such as using asynchronous calls, managing the state effectively, and properly structuring the app’s architecture. Additionally, we use performance monitoring tools to constantly measure and improve the app’s performance during and after development. We also test the app on various devices to ensure compatibility and optimal performance on different hardware. Furthermore, we will use code profiling and debugging tools to identify and resolve performance bottlenecks.

2. Can you walk me through your process for designing and developing a Flutter app?

Our process for designing and developing a Flutter app begins with a thorough understanding of your business requirements and goals. We then proceed to create a detailed project plan, including wireframes and mockups for the app’s user interface. After this, we begin the development process, using agile methodologies to ensure timely delivery and constant communication with you throughout the process. We use a combination of the latest development tools, libraries, and best practices to deliver high-quality, fully-tested, and maintainable code. Also, we will carry out regular testing and quality assurance to ensure that the app performs optimally on all devices. Finally, we will provide support and maintenance for the app after its launch.

3. How do you approach testing and quality assurance for the Flutter app that you will develop for us?

First, we will design and execute test plans, test cases, and test scripts that cover all the functional and non-functional requirements of the application. This includes unit testing, integration testing, functional testing, and performance testing. We also use automated testing tools to ensure that the app is thoroughly tested. Additionally, we will conduct manual testing to ensure that the app is easy to use and performs optimally on all devices.

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