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a brand is a person's gut feeling about a product,service, or organisation.

Marty Neumeier

At Codewave, we look at a brand as a person — every brand unique, with a body, mind & soul of it’s own. Giving your brand an identity — a visual form, reflecting clarity of purpose is extremely important, to shape how people perceive your business, why they’d connect and engage with it.

Here are 15 questions to answer, if you’re looking to position / reposition your brand, irrespective of what stage of the business you’re in. These questions are applicable for an individual as much as it’s applicable for an organization.

  1. What problems are you solving?
  2. What opportunities are you tapping?
  3. What risks are you taking?
  4. What people are you serving?
  5. What ideas are you seeding?
  6. What insights are you gaining?
  7. What stories are you telling?
  8. What influence are you creating?
  9. What commitments are you making?
  10. What community are you building?
  11. What values are you promoting?
  12. What culture are you nurturing?
  13. What responsibilities are you fulfilling?
  14. What future are you enabling?
  15. What movement are you beginning?

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