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Fortis Healthcare Website UI/UX Casestudy

Fortis healthcare approached us to diagnose the UI/UX of their website. Wondering how the design-doctors at codewave approached the problem?

Fortis Healthcare approached Codewave for a thorough diagnosis of their existing website UX/UI and recommendations for simplifying the user interface, to enable patients / families to find information, hospitals, doctors easily and make informed choices about the care they need.

Wondering how the design-doctors at Codewave diagnosed their website UI/UX?

Umm.. let me give you a sneak peek into our design-thinking process.

Here’s how the website looked:

Fortis Healthcare Website

Things that weren’t working well with the current website:

  • Site does NOT reflect the state of mind of the patient or patient’s family members supporting them (Persona/Intent based navigation)
  • Information overload & CTAs (links) are all over the place & distracting
  • Site appears busy, but does NOT show dynamism & location awareness
  • Site appears cluttered and preachy – NOT conversational & interactive 
  • Lack of mobile first / app like dynamism & focused actions – overall
    • Agility and dynamism of the Fortis team (offline) is NOT reflected on the site. Hospital reception staff is generally responsive, vigilant and ready to handle unknown situations – the same spirit isn’t reflected in the website. Looks like a passive information site.
  • Exploring treatments by organ, may not be relevant for patients who are not yet aware of the problem or need a consultation to know what to diagnose
Fortis Healthcare

Recommended design approach by Codewave for the revamp exercise:

  • Mobile first, minimal, bold, patient-centric interface, biased for action
  • Location aware user experience (nearby, now) – hospital/doctor near me
  • Patient centric site depicting instancy and urgency of need for care
  • Persona based navigation (intent based exploration & interaction)
  • Persona based navigation (intent based exploration & interaction)
    • Need to understand key needs of patients – at what stage of diagnosis/awareness they’re in and how we can make it simple for everyone to find answers (irrespective of what they know about what they need)
    • Discovery of healthcare services by type of need – emergency, admission, ICU, Daycare, OPD etc (not just by departments or organs)
  • Conversational UI / CTAs

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Variant 1: Modern, App-like feel, Shows urgency & is patient centric

Proposed Variant 1
Enhanced Navigation

Variant 2 : Classic, Website feel, Informative & persona based

Proposed Variant 2

Apart from a UX/UI upgrade, there are many other technical aspects of the website which affects the overall UX – such as:

  • Page load time and responsiveness of the website (speed)
  • Mobile friendliness and usability on smaller phones
  • Security in loading content & in downloading the web pages
  • SEO friendliness, discoverability on Google & social search engines
  • Integration with dynamic, realtime data – yet loading as fast as a static page
  • Multi-lingual support and accessibility features like audio-enablement 
  • Deeper integrations with smartphone apps like Whatsapp / PayTM for transactions
  • Website’s availability 24/7 with minimal downtimes
  • Website’s seamless integration with hospital’s CRM systems for realtime data sync

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