effective digital transformation

Is ‘digital’ effectively transforming your business?

Effective digital transformation signals, which indicate digital technology intervention is effectively transforming your business.
Is Digital effectively changing your Business

Your business world involves people and relationships — customers, employees, partners, vendors, government and other individuals / organizations who share a relationship with you, working with you in close feedback loops, sharing ambitious goals.

Digital transformation — is about effectively using digitally recorded information & smart tools to intensify the experience of people engaging with your business, maximizing value at every moment of opportunity.


As much as it’s important to integrate ‘Digital’ with your business for greater speed, scale & agility; it’s important to assess if it’s making a positive impact on people running your business from the forefront. Is technology enabling people to excel in an environment that demands high levels of agility?

Few signals that indicate that digital technology intervention is effectively transforming how your business is performing

1. Deeper customer understanding: You are able to quickly get to a position of clarity with your customers, assisted with more information (with more events tracked with deep context, more frequently). You are able to instantly connect with your customers virtually, with a full picture of their journey so far. You are able to empathize and see the highest potential to maximize value in every conversation.

2. Stronger team empowerment: You are able to get a better macro & micro view of your team — you are able to recognize great performance, quickly spot gaps, give timely insights, directions & support, with peer feedback & customer feedback, tracked more regularly. You are able to virtually equip your team to make more local decisions — maximizing productivity in delivering value. Read this to know the traits of a high performer.

3. Highly optimized operations: You are able to easily identify & eliminate activities that are unnecessary, with more frequent tracking of what is taking most time & effort (for less impact on the outcome in return), in the process of delivering value. You are able to virtually accelerate decision making in the assembly line — you see higher ability in your team to process new information and respond, automatically learning to evolve best practices.

4. Smartly improved Offerings: You are able to easily visualize top 3 improvements to your existing product(s) or service(s) offerings, based on continuously tracked information from your customers. You are able to quickly find ways of improving customer experience online & offline, in the swiftest way possible with the help of technology, making your solution competitive.

5. Greater business agility: You are finding it easier to virtually communicate the nature of organizational changes required, rate at which adaption is required — to the last person who joined your organization, as effectively as you do to the person working with you closely, with the help of technology. You see information flowing without barriers, encouraging new thoughts, evoking decision making & constructive responses / actions at all levels, in alignment with your vision — across the board.

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