Codewave: 2023 Highlights

It’s the last working day of 2023 and we’re taking a moment to pause and reflect on how far we’ve come! We started 2023 with the excitement of entering the “10th year” of operations and a vision to give away all the knowledge we’ve gathered, back to the world, in our own ways.

We started the year with a splash of Holi colors, celebrating everyone’s unique talents and creativity! It was a reminder that you can be whoever you want to be, just like the vibrant colors painting the streets.

And right in the middle of the fun, we planted a seed:, a place for future creators and dreamers. It’s where we’ll give away our knowledge and equip the next generation of innovators to learn the magic of Design Thinking and AI. Foundery is also a bridge, connecting young minds with innovative companies to make their dreams come true!

In April, We made our Design Thinking practice open source, open for all, taking a step towards making ‘premium’ Design education more accessible and affordable.

We watched young minds at Google Developer Student Club, VIT Chennai blossom at our first Foundery event, discovering their own design superpowers. Back at Codewave, our team was busy facilitating Design Thinking workshops for 4 batches of new joiners.

One of the teams, inspired by Design Thinking, turned their passion into a successful business in just 12 weeks, making our housekeeping staff a full-time entrepreneur – a living example that great ideas can truly take flight.

Come May, we celebrated our 10th Anniversary, of becoming a ‘Big Banyan’ in spirit.

We’re the Banyan, with people becoming leaders, like branches growing into roots, making our roots stronger and helping us reach higher.. The launch of “We’re the Banyan,” our 10th-year song echoed the spirit of growth and unity. 

June was a month of surprises, like a heartwarming gift of TT bats from Keshav, our former colleague. We embraced wellness with Chair Yoga, reminding ourselves that taking care of ourselves is important, even when we’re busy.

We celebrated service awards, ESOPs, and culture awards, and immersed ourselves in Yakshagana, Karnataka’s colorful folk dance, connecting with our heritage.

Our identity transformed from the old “Dot” to the new “Infinity,” symbolizing Infinite Visions, Infinite Possibilities, Infinite Potential, Infinite Mindset, and Infinite Learning.

Launched our “Scrabble” themed Mural, filled with portraits of Codewavers and words that define Codewave’s culture.

Our education journey continued with the second Design Thinking Masterclass for students at the Institute of Product Leadership, equipping them with tools to transition from idea to prototype. 

Meanwhile, our Co-founder Vidhya Abhijith was named one of the “Power 100 Women Innovators in India” by CII & PwC.

In July, we kept the spirit of play alive with a session by Rishita Jones on “Master Your Mind,” helping us understand our emotions and turn our doubts into stepping stones.

Meanwhile, one of our customer’s app crossed 1 Lakh downloads within 2 months of launch, showing the magic Codewave brings to businesses. And guess what?

IPL welcomed Vidhya as a Design Professor, a “UX Faculty” for students of ISBR, learning Product Management.

August was the month of new products! Datacat, our marketing superhero, arrived to help businesses get the most out of their ad spending.

And then came Goggles, our mascot from another dimension, reminding us to stay curious and playful. His rainbow-colored infinity eyes reflect our dreams, a kaleidoscope of possibilities waiting to be explored.

In October, we rocked in Dubai at Gitex, where our new products,, and, sparked interest among business leaders. And the awards kept coming! 

The Manifest magazine named us “The Manifest Leader and the most reviewed companies of the year”, while Codewave was also recognized as “India’s Top 5000 MSMEs in 2023”, a celebration of our Organic Growth in the last 10 years.

We watched with pride as our Banyan grew taller and stronger.

November marked a rebirth in our brand communications on social media, aligning with our new brand identity and voice.

Diwali turned into a high-voltage party, with Masterchef contests, hilarious games, and everyone shining bright like ‘Pataka’. Global recognition followed as Clutch acknowledged Codewave as a “Clutch Global Leader 2023” and a “Clutch Champion.” confirming our commitment to excellence.

In Canada, we introduced M2, an AI-assisted tool aiding doctors in calibrated treatments to lower mortality and morbidity rates. In Australia, Abhijith shared insights with clean energy startups on scale-up strategies and product-led growth. We rounded off November by upgrading our WorkOS tool – Timely, enabling employees to manage their availability, work mode, workload, and feedback collaboratively.

In December, As the curtain falls on 2023, We stand ready with four homegrown products ready to make their mark: Datacat, StoryMetrics, M2, and Timely – each one a testament to the creativity that flows within our walls.

Simultaneously, Codewave India is planning on expanding its branches to Udaipur and Kolkata, led by Codewavers, a testament to branches becoming new roots, fortifying the Big Banyan.

Here’s to our customers, partners, employees, and their families – for believing in us and supporting us unconditionally. We’re filled with gratitude for your love and support, the fertile soil that has helped our Banyan flourish. As we step into 2024, we see a world of possibilities ahead. 

Happy New Year from the Codewave family!

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