Top 7 Influential Design Companies Around the World

Top 7 Influential Design Companies Around the World

Design companies undertake the entire initiative to develop a stellar product, whether it’s physical or digital. Understanding the impact that design companies have and also how the workflow of companies varies is an important aspect of selecting the best service. A design company invariably plays a pivotal role in bringing a product to reality from its rendering stages. Furthermore, the right company also sets the benchmarks of branding and marketing, both essential aspects of a product life cycle.

The design company Ecosphere offers a competent mix of established design giants and fresh innovators in the industry. Having such a competitive landscape is essential to interpreting how the market forces affect and shape the final impact of a design. The more versatility that is offered in the design landscape, allows the space for more creativity and innovations in achieving truly timeless designs. 

Innovative Design Solutions 

Startups and freelancers involved in design benefit highly from partnering with a high-quality and cost-effective design service. Design objectives vary, and it is important to interpret the end design from the UX perspective. Also, startups should be on the lookout for advanced design labs that utilize modern design principles such as AI within their streamlined processes. 

  1. Canva 

Canva is one of the most trusted and reliable design services available for startups. The user-centric design tool has several applications, each covering different aspects of the design process. These applications cover everything from documents, whiteboards, and presentations to social media and videos. The service is available as a Freemium model and also as Canva Pro and Canva for Teams.

  1. Many Pixels

Unlike Canva, which is predominantly a design tool for freelancers, Many Pixels is an established design service with several high-value projects to brag about. They have an impressive design portfolio that can handle the most urbane, pro-user design sensibilities with ease. Many Pixels specializes in offering quick and efficient design solutions, besides having curated an extensive illustrations library.   

  1. 99 Designs 

99 Designs is an innovative design platform that facilitates designer-client collaboration via a community-based model. The 99 Designs community is adept at handling all and any design solutions so far it can be achieved by the resources available to the community. It is an innovative design platform that covers everything from branding to illustration, logo design to entire websites, and merchandise design.  

Global Design Industry Leaders

The premier design studios lead the way in setting the benchmarks for others to follow. Although these services are relatively top-tier, they offer superb design sensibilities in creating thoughts out of the unthinkable. These premium design houses offer unmatched expertise covering all stages of a successful design, for branding, social media, or merchandise. 

  1. Pentagram 

Pentagram is the world’s largest independent design studio consisting of 24 independent partners who cover all aspects of the multidisciplinary design process. The services include websites, advertisements, data visualization, and even creating an immense experience with sound & motion. The high-profile legacy clientele of Pentagram includes the who’s who of the branding world, as the works reflect a diverse cross-section of immensely successful designs. 

  1. Sagmeister and Walsh

Sagmeister and Walsh are known for their distinctive design philosophy, highlighting the importance of arts in design. The company almost exclusively handles arts-based projects for museums and exhibitions, along the lines of other similar initiatives. The company is perceived as a design partnership between the renowned designers Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh. 

  1. Wolff Olins

Wolff Olins is one of the most notable design houses on the planet, collaborating with clients with designs that have withstood the test of time. Their portfolio includes premium work with notable names such as Google, LG, and the BBC. The design house brands its efforts as ‘transformative’ in initiating a design process that can effectively supercharge a company’s vision of the future. 

  1. Meta Design 

Meta Design is an international creative brand consultancy well-known for their extensive expertise across various design verticals. Branding being their core priority, Meta Design offers its services in the line of strategy, creation, experience, and activation. The design firm operates its team via eight global locations, transforming the design landscape with creative participation. 


Over the recent years, the evolving design landscape has grown for the best with colorful participation from all corners of the industry. Modern services such as Canva and historical titans such as Meta Design have proven the meaning of making design more approachable, diverse, and creative. As new designs continue to test the limits of expression, it should be interesting to observe the future of design, led by thought leaders of today and yesterday. 

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