10 Things to Look for in a Custom Application Developer in 2024

10 Things to Look for in a Custom Application Developer

For the past twenty years, mobile app development has been a dynamic and evolving field. During this time, we’ve witnessed incredible advancements in how mobile apps are built. Developers now have access to new, cutting-edge frameworks that make apps faster, more efficient, and better than ever.

In recent years, a major trend in mobile app development has been the focus on personalized, data-driven applications. And now, with the arrival of 5G networks, we’re stepping into an era where mobile networks can handle massive data transfers at lightning speeds. This technological leap is steering the trend towards more data-heavy, personalized, and immersive app experiences.

The mobile app market is diverse, offering a variety of app types. Choosing the right platform is key to keeping up with the latest trends in app development. Looking ahead to 2024, here are some of the top trends that we expect will take the mobile app world by storm.

Top 10 Things to Look for in a Custom Application Developer in 2024

With mobile and web apps becoming indispensable for enterprise growth, hiring specialized custom application developers is crucial today. But not all app developers match the expanding needs of modern organizations. What key technical and professional traits should you prioritize in your evaluation process? Let’s explore the top 10 capabilities to look for.

Advanced Skills in Diverse Languages and Platforms

Expertise across JavaScript, Python, Java, C#/NET, PHP and other foundational languages allows unified app experiences across iOS, Android, Windows, and responsive web. Comfort with niche languages also makes a difference.

Up-to-Date on New and Emerging Technology

Great developers constantly upgrade skills in Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), blockchain, AI/ML alongside certifications in trending platforms like React Native, Flutter and methodologies like agile/DevOps. Awareness of UX, biometric authentication and other innovations is invaluable.

Robust Testing and Quality Processes

Strong expertise in functional testing, UX consistency checks and performance optimization using tools like Selenium, Appium, JMeter sets elite developers apart. Relentless quality improvement focus matters greatly.

Creative Problem-Solving Drive

While technical implementation is essential, the very best developers ideate solutions proactively, quickly adapt application designs and walk the extra mile to overdeliver tangible value for users.

Knowledge of Data Security Standards

Familiarity with protocols around encryption, access control mechanisms and industry regulations is vital to build stakeholder trust and confidence. Well-designed apps also promote compliance through strong data governance models.

Leadership in Design Thinking and UX Principles

Beyond coding specialization, great developers also demonstrate skills in design-led thinking, user journey mapping, usability standards, information architecture etc. to craft highly intuitive and user-friendly applications that drive adoption.

Cultural Personality and Values Fit

Shared organizational values in integrity, transparency and collaboration enable building trust-based work relationships that unlock discretionary effort from developers. Aligned mindsets also promote innovation.

Independent Self-Learning and Innovation

The top developers exhibit curiosity to learn new domains and technologies proactively. They also think creatively about process improvements and recommend ideas to simplify workflows or enhance app capabilities.

Collaborative Entrepreneurial spirit Mindset

Elite developers communicate effectively to understand business objectives and collaborate smoothly with product owners, testers and other stakeholders through the application lifecycle to deliver greater collective impact.

Client-Centric Solution Focus

Outstanding app developers think long-term and make recommendations focused on client success. They take complete ownership for translating requirements into high-quality, user-centric solutions that create transformative value.

Finding an application development partner with these traits:

An exceptional custom app developer will demonstrate the 10 traits we just covered – possessing multifaceted technical breadth, a passion for creative problem solving as well as abundant emotional intelligence to collaborate smoothly with stakeholders.

Such a mix of skill, innovation zeal and client focus characterizes genuine digital transformation partners like Codewave that help progressive organizations translate strategic priorities into reality via tailored mobile, web and other apps crafted on design excellence and technical leadership.

So if you seek a world-class custom application development partner capable of quickly understanding ambiguous future needs and delivering tailored solutions focused on adoption and ROI, choose Codewave – your gateway to digital success! Reach out now to explore the possibilities. The future beckons!

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