MEAN stack for web development

Why use MEAN stack for enterprise application development?

Take full advantage of MEAN stack for your next enterprise application development project using MongoDB, Express, Angular JS and Node JS.

There are over 1.95 billion websites hosted on the internet (Source). Furthermore, there are also many ways to build a website and web apps. The use of technology stack depends on the corporation and an individual needs and likes. The technology stack means the type of technologies that you will be using for building your websites and applications.

Currently, Javascript is one of the dearest languages in a web app development space.


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The term “Full Stack Developer” is hot. The full stack developer is the one who can carry out both front-end (the things that users can see and use) and back-end (the things that go behind the process when implementing functions on the website) operations.

It is extremely beneficial to work with full-stack developers and they have a huge demand in web app development space. If are in a web app development and mobile app development space, MEAN stack is one of the best technology stacks that you can use for your projects.

In this article, we shall discuss “why MEAN stack should be considered by enterprises of all sizes for building scalable, secure and powerful apps?”. 

Why Should I go for MEAN Stack?

Let’s first understand what is MEAN stack? MEAN stands for MongoDB (database), ExpressJS  (back-end framework), Angular.JS (front-end framework), and Node.JS (back-end runtime environment). Technologies that constitutes MEAN stack were released independently over a period of time. But together they accelerate the development process and imparts scalability, security and robustness to web apps.


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Advantages of MEAN Stack:

  1. No hassle of dealing with different programming languages

One of the most substantial reasons for using MEAN is to take advantage of full-stack Javascript paradigm. All the technologies in this Stack use Javascript for both client and server side, which allows you to complete your web app development project at a quicker pace.

Another great thing about having a common language is that your code will look cleaner. There is no need for you to manage different code base for different types of programming languages. As a digital-first business, you can be free from a lot of hassles that come up with maintaining different code base.  

In case your business needs a mobile app, again you can use same technology stack for mobile app development.

In this stack, you use Node.JS for back-end and Angular.JS on front-end. You will also have an easier time reusing the codes from front-end to back-end.

  1. Open Source Technologies

For small and medium enterprises who are exploring digital transformation for tapping more business opportunities, it can save a considerable chunk of cash. With MEAN stack you only need to invest in hiring developers or web development agency. The technologies are open-sourced. This means you do not have to spend anything for using Angular, Node etc.


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  1. A cost-effective solution to developing a scalable and secure web application

In my previous point, I told you that you could get started for free. It is one of the points that make MEAN Stack a cost-effective solution. However, it is not the only reason why it is a cost-effective solution.

If you are using MEAN Stack, you only need to afford Javascript developers. Banking on a good team of developers or web development agency who are experienced in MEAN stack development will ensure that your product is scalable and secure.

If you are a developer willing to leverage the massive demand for full stack developers, you should go for Full Stack Developer Course where the well-structured course will help you build a strong foundation to make you ready for jobs and real-life projects.

  1. Scaling is not much of a problem with MEAN Stack

Getting started and completing a project is not a difficulty with MEAN Stack. It applies to scale a project as well. You can find hundreds of thousands of additional frameworks, reusable models, libraries, and other tools within the stack to help you scale in no time.

Your business will have no headache dealing with an additional set of technologies. There are also ready-made solutions available for you to use in the process of scaling.

  1. It is highly flexible as well

MEAN Stack is also highly flexible. You can use MEAN Stack for a simple single-page site along with complex enterprise solutions. If you are working on a sophisticated enterprise solutions, you and your team can collaborate well. Why? All of your team members have similar expertise, and your whole team uses Javascript. You can overcome tough cases and create a synergy effect with MEAN Stack.


  1. Great performance

NodeJS is a cross-platform Javascript run-time environment, which offers superior performance than traditional servers. Because it is cross-platform it can run in all popular operating systems like Linux, Windows, and others. There is no headache for you whatsoever, as you can create an app and run it anywhere.

Node.JS development relies on a single thread for HTTPS requests. It utilizes non-blocking I/O, which allows it to handle multiple applications efficiently. Having Node.JS in a technology stack is a massive boost for MEAN Stack.

  1. Mongo DB is great for cloud integration

Mongo DB is a NoSQL database that works great with cloud technologies. There is a massive growth in cloud computing, and many mobile applications now use cloud integration for better performance. Furthermore, the demand for progressive web apps is also increasing.

The inclusion of Mongo DB allows you to host the apps on the cloud easily. It has automatic shredding and excellent full cluster support. After plugging into Mongo DB, it automatically does fail-over support along with automatic replication.

It is a technology stack that appeals to both small businesses and huge corporations. You cannot ask for more from MEAN Stack if you are using it for web app development and mobile app development.

  • It is free and easy to get started.
  • You can have the best developers and still save a lot of money.
  • There is a vast collection of additional frameworks, libraries, models, and so on for scaling.


You may want to go through this article to know how you can use MEAN Stack for developing scalable apps.

Additionally, we have listed few domains/projects where MEAN Stack can do magic:

  • Complimentary business applications
  • Multimedia streaming apps
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Web app development combined with Big Data
  • Mobile app development
  • Real-time applications like forums, chat, and so on

Final Thoughts

Your time is valuable. It is not a wise choice to waste your resources on random technologies without any clear vision. We have seen business owners feeling overwhelmed with the broad range of technology options that are available. I hope this article helps you in making informed decisions. Choosing a technology stack is your choice. If you think the benefits of MEAN Stack is suitable for your projects, go for it.

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