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Codewave has been declared as a Top Mobile App Development Company of 2020 by!

Focus on building efficient, innovative, agile digital solutions and let the products do the talking. That’s what Codewavers believe in. And it’s quite a productive belief system, as time and again it has lead us to winning awards and recognition. This time it’s from

We are proud to announce that Codewave is featured as one of the top developers in a recent press release about top mobile app developers.

codewave top app development company award

Who is is a respected IT rating agency that ranks various IT companies according to their service, client reviews, and industry specific matrices. The company has a robust process for identifying the efficient firms in each domain and they make the process of selecting a reliable IT solutions provider, a cakewalk.

How we develop innovative digital solutions ?

We adhere to agile methodologies of developing secure software solutions. Our expert designers, developers and project managers leverage their IT experience to build scalable mobile app solutions in the cloud. We enable businesses to launch their product and features faster to market by leveraging open source technologies and cloud infrastructure.

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Culture at Codewave

From 2020, Codewave family has decided to go completely remote. Codewave is built on the principles of inclusivity, diversity, transparency & equality. Two in every five Codewaver is a girl. We’re consistently improving this number.

To nurture leaders at Codewave we organize leadership cafes every week. We strongly believe, the way forward is putting your customers first and building right solutions centered around solving end-user’s pain points.

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App Development Practices At Codewave

Everything at codewave starts with design-thinking. We use Google’s Firebase and AWS for developing mobile apps in the cloud. Our expert designers & developers in React Native, Flutter, Swift, Java, C# and Kotlin spell their code magic to design develop and deploy apps in the most efficient way.

Building highly scalable, aesthetically appealing apps with rich UX isn’t a simple task. Focus on app-security and scalability starts from the project inception and is prioritized until delivery and beyond if we maintain it post deployment.

We exploit best-suited CI/CD platforms and automation tools to minimize human intervention as much as possible.

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We would like to conclude this post by thanking TopDevelopers for this recognition. For discussing anything related to tech, design and culture, reach-out to Codewave here or on our social media handles –






Codewave is a design thinking led digital transformation company in India, specializing in design of value, new product development & digital innovation.