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performance trait that peerly framework looks for

According to Codewave’s framework for continuous growth (, below are the traits of a high performing team member:

1) High dependability: Co-workers / leaders trust this person, count on this person during tough times, to respond to challenging business situations

2) High competence: This person demonstrates ability to quickly grasp challenges / problems, delivers solutions by swiftly accessing & applying one’s knowledge & experience

3) High ownership: This person takes ownership of goals, demonstrates intent and personal accountability, to achieve shared goals with the team

4) Great teamplay: The team respects this person’s constructive attitude and ability to listen, express, communicate and lead by positive influence

5) High impact: This person’s actions (work) results in optimizing time / costs / man power, maximizing profit opportunity, while ensuring team success & customer success

Complete framework here:

Vidhya Abhijith

Vidhya Abhijith

Founder @, Head - Design Thinking

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