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Vidhya Abhijith On Where Codewave Technologies Came From — and Where It’s Going, conversations with Clutch

“We imagined design thinking, being a part of every role – and an environment where people are empowered to start with ‘why.’” — Vidhya Abhijith, Founder, Codewave Technologies

When Vidhya & Abhijith started Codewave Technologies, India was already recognized as a top exporter of IT offshore outsourcing services. “We started the company to bring “design thinking led digital innovation” to India and make human centered design more mainstream,” she says.

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“We wanted transparency, empathy, and agility to be at the heart of our culture, as well as the designs we create and the technology we build.” Now a prominent digital innovation company, Codewave Technologies is managing to do just that. Our team is a trusted resource for businesses in need of app development, web development, and UX/UI design.

We bring a design-first mentality to our collaborations, which elevates the quality of our services. “Our UX interventions help businesses clearly see not only problems, but possible paths forward,” Abhijith says. “Our initial conversations with businesses are deeply consultative in nature, and involve swift context sensing and gap articulation.”

As a result, we’ve earned a top ranking on The Manifest, a reviews platform that B2B clients use to find top service providers to help them accomplish their business goals. Our success on The Manifest is a result of the fantastic feedback we get on their sister site, Clutch, a hub for vendor reviews.

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For instance, we recently provided UX/UI design services for a tech startup’s health and wellness platform. Their team was impressed with our expertise.

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“The vendor [Codewave Technologies] brings a strong design process for every aspect and is quite open to feedback and suggestions.” — Co-Head, Tech Startup

Abhijith is proud of her team’s success. For business owners looking to achieve similar levels of success, she recommends they “inspire agility in their teams, encouraging greater self management, peer collaboration and local decisions.”

But she also urges a sense of adaptability, especially given the outbreak of COVID-19: “Make use of the crisis as an opportunity to reconnect with your brand’s purpose and values. Reinvent the organizational design and project management. We’re building our own product called Timely to enable organizations to thrive with remote, agile, and self managed teams.”

How exciting! In the meantime, feel free to catch up with us on Clutch or The Manifest. And if you have a design and development need, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Codewave is a design thinking led digital transformation company in India, specializing in design of value, new product development & digital innovation.